Paint Booth

The paint booth is used to paint workpieces and protects the paint from effects like. It protects from overspray, which can cause fires and even explosions. It also protects the painters from the harmful effects of the toxic components of the paint, as well as from the noise.

Using a paint spray booth with controlled extraction is also more environmentally friendly.

Size of paint booth is 8mLx8mWx8mH after retracting 2mLx4mWx8mH
This size of paint booth manufactured first time in World with Affordable Price

Cured Hose Cutting Machine

This machine is used in the Rubber industries to cut the hoses. Cutting will be clear and right-angled without chips and super finished.

The system has two blades pneumatically operated via the pedal. The accuracy of this machine is +/- 1mm.

Leakage Testing Machine

A leak testing machine is used to measure the escape of liquids, vacuum, or gases from sealed components or systems. Some configurations require a separate leak detector or sensor as an input.

Such types of leak testing equipment are often equipped with various other components. The components mentioned below: 

  • Pumps
  • Calibrators

  • Gauges

  • Cases

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulators are designed to move the weld head over the workpiece. This provides a safe and efficient welding procedure. This differs from welding positioners or welding rotators, which move the workpiece rather than the welding head. It helps to weld the component easily.

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