Gantry Type Pick & Place

It consists of two stations where we need to wash the components in various liquids. SS316 material for all components which will come in direct contact with the washing liquid. Rest structure Mild steel with powder coating. Cantilever mechanism with motorized operation with horizontal movement. X-Y-Z directional movement of the whole gantry.

Oil Dipping Station

The oil dipping station is designed to integrate the cleaning technology. Before, the material goes to the Rotation frame pre-cleaning is required to remove extra dirt, dust, and mist from the components which is done by this station.
MS fabricated motor-operated conveyor with ss304 rollers and powder coated structure. Dipping tank MOC SS304 which comes in contact with the cleaning liquid and oil.

Robotic Pick & Place Unit

Robotics pick and place unit designed to integrate to the material movement from conveyor to the Trolley with 8 axis scope of the movement with sensor and subsidiary arrangement of sensing and sheet present sensor.

Also, it has a pneumatic pusher cylinder arrangement to push down the filled trolley unit to a downward direction and flawlessly moves the material from conveying system to the conveyor.

Vacuum Pick & Place Unit

The vacuum pick and pick unit is designed to lift the Rubber Sheet from one position to another position. It automatically lifts the sheet by sensing it’s position from the cutting conveyor and placing down the sheet to the output conveyor. The system has 3 servo motors for up-down and longitudinal motion of the system and up-down operation controlled by a pneumatic cylinder. It reduces cycle time and automatic operation of the whole system. In the end of the system output conveyor side rotary indexing table to adjust the angular movement of pressing cylinder unit. The final productive output of this unit is sticking of two sheets within the stipulated time.

conveying systems

Supplied so many belt and roller conveyors to the tire manufacturer including in raw rubber processing also in tire handling in pre inspection and post inspection in TBR sections.